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I have been skateboarding for twelve years and have seen many friends get onto boards fully confident, only to be disappointed when they injure themselves – usually they never want to try it again. Beginners are asked to pay upwards of 180 dollars for a skateboard when they do not know if they like it and adapt to full exposure without any understanding on how to control their actions. I want to provide help for these beginners who want to learn to skateboard by offering a system to learn from local skaters who inspired them. 

Project Brief

Design a dual system for users to be able to rent skateboards as one function and be trained by local skaters on the other. 

How Does it Work


Primo App is is a social platform that makes it easy for people to join the skateboard community. The app breaks down into two segments- Skate social is a renting platform for people that want to try skateboarding without actually having to go buy a skateboard. This app partners with local skate shops that provide skateboards for beginners to try the newest products on the market at minimal cost. Simply request to rent a board though the app, go to the skate shop that has the board ready for you, and go skate. Afterwards, return the board to the skate shop and decide if skateboarding is something you would like to pursue.

Social learning is an community system with services for beginners to learn new tricks being taught by top local skaters. Social learning brings  skaters together and welcomes new skaters into the ecosystem by removing the intimidation of feeling uncomfortable going to skate parks. The beginners can look through skaters social media accounts to find someone who has the style they would like to learn. From there they can request a training time, learn tricks they want, and after the training is done the beginner can approve of his services and give feedback to improve the service.



The concept behind these ideas are simple yet its what the target audience wants. Children do not have that much money to invest in a skateboard and their parents don't want to pay a lot for something their kids might not want to do. Kids want to try skateboarding at a low cost so their parents can gain confidence that skateboarding is a sport they want to stick with it. When people do spend the money to buy a skateboard they tend to give up because of a few reasons. One being they are not learning fast enough to gain the social creditability of being labelled as a “skater” so they don't have the motivation to continue. Second if they don't have friends that skate they will have a much lower chance of staying with skateboarding. Third when beginners go to the skatepark they feel intimidated by older riders and will be discouraged going back to the park again. 



Primary users are ages between 8-14 who do not have enough to buy a skateboard. Kids are still growing do not have the physical skills and thinking ability to adaptability to control a skateboard. Children are less able to break their falls, generally overestimate their skills/abilities and are inexperienced in judging speed, traffic and other potential dangers.  



Primo app is morpthing into further simplisity to make the experience as easy as possible. After each ideation and getting user feedback morphed the design in different routes allowing me to explore different designs to best accomplish the task. 

Current Prototype



ACIDO Rocket Competition sports and play category winner

ACIDO Rocket Market ready award presented by DesignForce

OCADU Imagination Catalyst Start up Incubator acceptance

Cassel Brock Pitch competition winner

Dimple Online news interview and exposure

James Dyson Award National runner up


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