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I have been skateboarding for twelve years and have seen many friends get onto boards fully confident, only to be disappointed when they injure themselves – usually they never want to try it again. I discovered that 1/3 of the total amount of injuries happen in the first week alone. This is even more problematic for children that don't have the physical and thinking development to control a skateboard. Beginners are asked to adapt to the full exposure without any understanding on how to control their behaviors. I want to make it easy for a beginner to learn skateboarding faster at minimum risk.

Project Brief

Design a seamless product that can allow users to learn skateboarding faster at minimum risk. 


How Does It Work?


Primo is a braking system that lives on the skateboard; it replaces the nut at the end of the truck. The function is to apply pressure to the wheel– slowing it down so the rider can focus on their mind/body control to learn tricks faster. The product moves with the rider’s progression by loosening the tension on the wheel to eventually allow the wheel to be completely free having full exposure. The second function is to use the shape to minimize the chances of the rider flipping the board and landing on the board sideways. It has been tested to even correct posture on some rotation tricks. 


By breaking down the movements of skateboarding its composed of three main levels to get to a base foundation.

1. Stepping onto a skateboard and getting comfortable

2. Learning to ride a skateboard in motion

3. Learning foundation flip tricks

By achieving confidence throughout these initial stages the beginner will have a greater knowledge to acquire more skills at a lower amount of time. 


Primary users are ages between 8-14.  Children are less able to break their falls, overestimate their skills/abilities and are inexperienced in judging speed, traffic and other potential dangers.  

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Primo has gone through constant iteration. Currently over 15 different prototypes have gotten Primo to where it is today. I started with 3D printing with first goals to just to stop the wheel. From success and failures morphed the design in different routes allowing me to explore different forms and materials to best accomplish the task. 

Testing / Feedback

Primo is always being tested within its intended environment. Our primary feedback has been that Primo increases confidence– as soon as users step on the board and not fall they automatically feel in control of the board. This response creates safety for users – allowing them to want to try harder things in a shorter amount of time. Using Primo leaves smiles and amazement, users want to share with their friends that they can experience skateboarding for its true potential.

Current Prototype



Primo is the only product in its industry that helps users learn skateboarding through out all stages. It is also a braking system that allows users to customize speed to best situate their needs. Primo is also the first to minimize the chances of the board landing on its side, especially when trying flip tricks- which is a fear shared by all skater skill levels. Swapping one part of the product can allow skateboards, long boards, penny boards, or any other board variation because they all share the same thread pitch on the trucks. This allows leveraging of the entire skateboard market as this product has the advantage of being small, effective, cheap to manufacture and trademarked. Furthermore, someone else can’t reproduce it. 




ACIDO Rocket Competition sports and play category winner

ACIDO Rocket Market ready award presented by DesignForce

OCADU Imagination Catalyst Start up Incubator acceptance

Cassel Brock Pitch competition winner

Dimple Online news interview and exposure

James Dyson Award National runner up

Discovery Channel Innovation week feature  


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