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GoPro Grow



This project is testing and validating a design strategy tool kit I created in a group context for existing companies to design new behavior spaces and the opportunities that can be explored. It is important that a company strategizes for the future and the market disruptions that inhabit that behavioural space.

The company example of this tool kit is interchangeable  in this case we wanted to explore the future of action sports and through research, we came to the decision that an opportunity playground can be inhabited easily by GoPro.

Project Brief

Enhance the cognition, physicality, and emotional side of action sports.

How Does it Work

Evolving from just visually seeing to emotionally, physically, and cognitively understanding behaviors being preformed. Being able to breakdown the visual data recorded and converge communications with environmental and biometric readings off your gear and surroundings. GoPro would not only record, but would analyze, understand, and question behaviors to optimize results.


1. First part of the tool kit was to re frame the current mindset from “action sports” to more exploratory playground “censorial play” and collect research to new signals, drivers, and themes inhabiting the new space.  -See book #1 for details

2. After gathering the data within the new space and organizing it we can pick a company ( In this case GoPro ) and insert them into the core of these new themes/ drivers and see how they can affect the current business model of the company.

3. Here we can pick and choose which opportunities will have both the highest opportunity and best fit for growth within the company. In GoPro's case, the current product is just a vessel they can leverage to a larger goal. 


Gopro perspective.png

We explored 3 perspectives on how GoPro can target their customers and the relationship differences between each.   


What am i doing wrong? Networked gear learns from gathered data to give tips to optimize beginners results.

Pchyed myself out- Augments fear impulses to control pre or post traumatic actions.

How are you doing today? GoPro is awareness tool of not just physical but emotional and cognitive states.


Throughout each perspective the opportunities morph  for their needs. Its important to have a good research foundation of the insights from people inhabit these perspectives to have to best understanding to their actual needs before designing.  



Too see the tool kit used for this project check out The Future Now